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[IP] Glucagon

My husband is waiting to get his pump and our last visit to the endo he
gave us Glucagon to give to him when he is in trouble.  I have this fear
of needles to begin with and when reading the directions it says they may
vomit.  Has anyone used this and is this a problem?  I'm afraid if he get
sick he may choke.  Do you still call EMT or just let the Glucagon work
and how long and how many does it take?  He gave us 3 with refills.  The
last time I had to call EMT he wasn't totally unconscious but out of it
enough not to cooperate and very combative.  EMT had to hold him down to
get an IV into him (his not a small guy)  Do I give him the injection
when he is having seizures?  Any advice or suggestions would be most

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