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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #793

> I don't know this for a fact, but I understand that the early model sensor
> is ONLY a glucose meter and is NOT connected to a pump. That will go on
> for several years until they prove it's reliability in real life, and 
> they will only hook a newer model up to pumps after they develop a realistic
> system. So NO, it doesn't NEED a MiniMed pump, or for that matter, ANY pump.
> I believe you're being hyped!
> Ted Quick

If you want reliable info about what Minimed are doing, check their
stock exchange listing on Nasdaq:

Go to the NASDAQ stock exchange page at http://www.nasdaq.com and type
MNMD in one of the boxes. That's MiniMed's "code". Then click on "Get
InfoQuotes". When the stock price comes up, click on "SEC filings", and
you will have access to the real truth about what MiniMed is doing. This
is not guff from sales reps. Firms have to make detailed statements
about their finances and business plans as a requirement for having
their stock traded on Nasdaq. If they make over-optimistic or false
claims, they can be liable for heavy fines...

Anyhow, their most recent report is dated 13 November - there'll
probably be a new one out soon. It's mostly highly technical financial
jargon - please don't read it all!! - but if you skim through, there's a
lot of interesting stuff there.

It seems that the continuous glucose monitor is aimed initially at
hospital use. Then walking use. And ultimately connection with the
implantable pump. It's entirely possible it will never be
"automatically" linked to the external insulin pump we have now. 

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