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Re: [IP] which pump?

> > To the best of my knowledge the ONLY country that requires two of any
> > medical device is Germany.
> > 
> > This is why Disetronic sells their pumps in two packs...
> Actually, Disetronics is based in Switzerland, which has this law. Germany may
> also.


Germany doesn't require 2 pumps. Not the Minimed anyway. Disetronic made
the design decision that their pumps would have an in-built clock which
would stop the pump working (with plenty of warning!) after a fixed
number of years use. You would then send it back to the factory to be
cleaned up and checked over, and have the clock reset. I believe
different countries have a different length of time set on the clock.
Obviously it's nice to have a second pump ready for when you have to
send your first pump in for a check up. It also prevents people
attempting to use knackered 20-year-old pumps with smashed up cases. And
believe me, they would.

The manufacturing cost of a pump is very small. The thousands of dollars
you pay for a new pump reflects the research and development costs, and
the on-going support from the company. I imagine Minimed could give you
several pumps at little extra cost to them. But they wouldn't, since we
would set up a grey market in spare pumps, and deny Minimed their sales!

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