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Re: [IP] First Week of pumping

ouch, i'm not a doc, BUT, here's my cents on this...
basal of 1.7/hr.  all day long and your sugars were in the 90's during the
day only dropping at night, right.  How much experience does this dr. have
w/ pumpers!!!  that really concerns me, no wonder you're feeling sooo ill in
the afternoon.
If it ain't broke don't fix it!!!  that's why we have profiles !!!  the
night is when i need thehighest basls set.  what are your bgs before you go
to bed???  is your liver perhaps just compensating for the low experiences
when you go to bed and your just getting readings at 12am and 3am of the
glucose being pumped into your system!?
this is where creative/sensible thinking comes in when you have to second
guess the doc and make them think it was there idea to make the
changes...hehehe(not that i've ever had to do that before...only all the
good luck, and be careful, you know your body best.

an ip sis'...
lisa ann
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:Here's the first week of pumping, any suggestions or ideas would be
:I'm also keeping in mind that this process is not an overnight miracle.
:I had to spend 24 hours in the hospital for training and monitoring.
:was great and my sugars stayed in the 90's all day.  They started to rise
:the late evening and all through the night (200-250). My doctor raised my
:basal 1/10 of a unit, mind you as of right now I only have one basal rate.
:Went home midday Tuesday, sugars still in the 200-250 range.  Went back to
:work Wednesday, still in the same range, I raised my basal another 1/10 of
:unit at lunch time.  Sugars started to drop all afternoon (I felt horrible,
:bad headache and nasty nausea all afternoon)  Went back up to the 200-250
:range in the late evening and all through the night (I'm testing at
:and at 3am)  Spoke to my doctor on Thursday and he raised the basal again
:another 2/10 of a unit, I suggested another profile for the early morning
:hours both today and on Tuesday in the hospital, he wanted to stick with
:one for now until they were lower.  (Again I felt horrible, bad headache
:nasty nausea all afternoon) I had a follow up appointment on Friday and he
:raised it another 2/10 of a unit (it's now 1.7 per hour) and wants to see
:sugars on Monday.
:It's a little frustrating since I thought on the pump things would be more
:under control, but then again maybe it's just a longer process then I
:it would be.....
:Of course this pump has become very entertaining to.  I had a mishap
:when changing the site, the tubing got caught on the knob of the dresser
and I
:was turning around to change channels on the TV, ripped out the new
:placed site.  A little emotional I call one of the girls I work with and
:explained I would be late.  By the time my story got to the office it had
:turned into I was trying to change the channels on the TV with my new
:Thanks for listening, I've had great help from my trainer, who has been a
:literal God send!!!!
:Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/