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RE: [IP] Highs after drive

It is quite possible that due to the decrease in activity that you are
experiencing from your normal daily routine when you go on long drives, that
your BGs are rising.

O know for me, what usually happens is, that when I am on a long drive I
tend to snack a bit more and hence my BGs rise a bit.

I prefer to be a bit safer when I drive long distances anyhow as a low BG
can be deadly when on the road.


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> Hi everyone.  I have been on the pump for about 7 months.  I have a
> question about what I can do to stop highs from happening after I long
> distances.  I drive for about two hours and when I finish, my blood
> sugar rises about 60 points.  I wear the pump in my abdomen.  If anyone
> has any suggestions, please let me know.
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