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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

Mary Jean wrote:
One interesting observation, though.  The bolus I use to bring down the
resulting high bs is never as large as the bolus I would have administered
for my food.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every day and I KNOW that
this is the right amount.  Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon, or am I
REALLY an oddball?  (don't answer that!) :-)

We have actually found a strange situation to be true in Amy's case. 3 out of
4 times, when forgetting to bolus for her breakfast, on only 1 occasion has
her bg risen more than 20 points in a 3 1/2 hour time span, and that was a
morning she started out high! Last week, her bg only rose 8 points in 3 1/2
hours!! This absolutly baffles me, as she doesn't go low after her breakfast
bolus on a normal day, why would her bg rise so little when forgetting to
bolus? Her avg. breakfast carbs are around 75. And I can't believe her basal
would cover this (0.6). Must be dumb luck???

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