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: [IP] Sick before diabetes appears or not

>  Jessica was sick before she was diagnosed, but Joe was fine. Explain that.

Doreen, Amy was not sick either before her dx. I took her in to rule out a
urinary tract infection I thought might be going on. Imagine my shock when her
dr. came out into the waiting room and sat down next to me and told me she had
diabetes! In fact, upon further examination in his office, he found her in
such good health otherwise, he sent us home to have a "normal weekend," if
there is such a thing when you watch each and every drop of water going into
your daughter and wondering what all the food she is eating is doing to her.
She started on insulin 5 days later. Of course, knowing what I know now, I
would never, ever recommend this course of action, or lack of. I believe had
she not been in such an early stage, she could have gotten into serious
trouble. And the thought of that frightens me to death!

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