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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

>I talked to him about it and what I have read in the
> posts and I don't think he will do it again in the near future.  

>Sure he will, not on purpose, but he will. Don't worry about it. My 
daughter went through a period of about 6 months where this occurred 
fairly often. She is really diligent about her bg's but seemed to get 
.....shall we say discombobulated and just would forget. It stopped after 
a while.  I think it is a teen "phase" at the time, she would forget her 
shoes if the laces weren't tied. But I guess that' what they invented 
parents for eh...

Michael, I agree with you - it will happen again, and usually not on purpose.
Some people have asked me how I know Amy hasn't forgotten on purpose. I just
tell them it's that tell tale horrified look when she realizes she's
forgotten! The first time, I think she thought she was going to die! I've told
her it won't be the last time, and at least she is realizing it before she
gets into serious trouble. Not trying to downplay the seriousness of
forgetting, but she is only human, and a teen to boot!

Sue Tappendorf
Mom of Amy, 12, pumping since June '98
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/