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[IP] exercise thread


>From your post I am assuming that you do not bolus for breakfast.  So, you
wake up, ( I am assuming with a good sugar), eat breakfast, don't bolus, run
1/2 hour and drop 60 points, then rise.  Is this right?

If so, and this is no more than an educated fellow-pumper's guess, I bet
that you are dropping because of the pre-run basal.  This is why I
disconnect at least 1/2 hour before running (and sometimes more to avoid
workout lows) -- to let the basal work out of the system.  A run makes even
that basal work super hard and rememebr that H peaks at 1 - 2 hours, so your
pre-breakfast basals are peaking right when you run.  Then what happens is
your breakfast, which you didn't bolus for, starts to gets digested and the
blood sugar rises.  Now the tricky part, you can't bolus too much to counter
this rise because if you're anything like me, the 3 hours after exercise are
still super-sensitive to H, that's why you're going low with that bolus.


1)  Don't exercise after breakfast.  Try to do it 3 hours after a meal that
you bolused normally for.  It just cuts down on the variables to not have to
factor a working bolus, or a full stomach of carbs into the exercise

2)  Keep your exercise schedule but if you know you're going to run, set the
basals to 0 starting 1-2 hours before (while you're still asleep), and
perhaps start up again at a low rate after exercise to take care of the

Let me know what happens.  This is an area near and dear to my heart.  They
say exercise is so good for you but my experiemce is that it screws up
sugars more than anything else.


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