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Re: [IP] prednisone

For those taking prednisone there was a book that came across my desk. I
work in a library. It is called "coping with prednisone". It was written
by Eugenia Zukerman. The ISBN is 0312155026 and its lc number is 97-6062.
It had many wonderful ideas on living with prednison, and i couldn't help
but think if i had to take prednisone, that i would want that book to
read and try some of the suggestions. It has a lot to dowith diet so that
the prednisone doesn't have such side effects as puffy faces, and hunger
increase etc. It might be worth looking at a copy in a library and seeing
if any of the ideas would be useful to you. Hope that is of some help
to those of you using prednisone. Take care, Roz

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