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[IP] Special children

I read someones message and deleted it before I had a thought to share my
view. So:


You talked of your child having problems when other people have healthy
children. You also saw the bright side--that it is treatable.

I wanted to share an experience of mine that may help you see that her
illness isn't altogether bad. I have a son who is now 19 who suffered some
brain damage at birth when I hemmoraghed with a placenta previa. I knew I
could have problems and I prayed hard. I hope I don't offend anyone by
sharing a faith promoting experience but I felt words come into my mind one
night just before he was born saying, "I know who this spirit is, I love
him very much, and I will be doing what is best for him."

He since has had to deal with cerebral palsy. His legs are mostly affected.
After a series of surgeries and many hours of therapy, he walks with
crutches and gets around faster than I do. He's been an inspiration to all
who know him. He has special attributes that have developed BECAUSE of his
problem. He never complains, he tries to adapt in every situation and finds
things he can do. I would never give this child (or young man now) up nor
the experiences I've had with him. He is stronger because he's had trials
to deal with. In fact my other children are better because of him. They are
more considerate of him and more tolerant of others with challenges.

I believe we shouldn't visibly feel sorry for or dwell on the problems of
children with special needs (CP or Diabetes)--especially around them. We
should help them to be independent and point out what is right about them.
We are among the lucky ones to have children we can help overcome physical

sincerely sue
Sue Ellen Eggett
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