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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

> >OK, I'm 36 and I guess I still need my parents for this purpose <vbg>.  In
> >the past two weeks, I've forgotten to bolus for breakfast not once, but
> >FOUR times.  Please, does this mean I'm going through a "teen phase" again?
> > I thought I'd moved beyond those!
> I haven't been 36 in years, but I've had a rash of forgotten bolus' lately too.
> In fact, my doctor believes I'm depressed because I was missing so many.

Naw.... I prefer to believe that you begin to do so well on the pump, 
feel so normal and natural that you forget to do the "abnormal" thing 
in your routine -- which is "to bolus" . You go about your day to day 
life like everyone else.... they don't bolus, why should you if 
you're your "in the groove" (rhetorical comment of course).
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