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Re: [IP] prednisone

In a message dated 2/5/99 2:47:27 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted

<< Is there anyone on the pump who is also taking prednosone? I will be on a 5
 dose continously...I know it may make my BGs go up..any ideas how to cope
 email @ redacted
I've been on maintenance 5mg Prednisone for several months now (started prior
to pump).  I started at a higher dosage, and was weaned to where I am now over
a course of weeks.  My blood sugars went high initially, then balanced out as
the amount of Prednisone was slowly lowered and then "fixed".  I wasn't on the
pump yet when I went through this, so am unable to offer any first hand advise
for adjusting either basal rates or bolus amount.  I would imagine if you were
to contact your pump educator, he/she would be able to tell you (or perhaps
someone on your health care team).  

Can anyone else add to this?  :o)

Linda Winey  >^.,.^<
IDDM 49 years,
happy pumper 3 weeks & 2 days (but who's counting!)  ;o)
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