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[IP] On being Blue

When my youngest (by 3 minutes) son was born, little did I know that 
I would spend the next year and a half sleeping on various hospital 
floors all around the bay area. My son was gravely ill, but one thing 
I knew was that barring an unforseen event, he would get better, 
outgrow his problem, and grow up to be a healthy child. He's 9 now 
and still smaller than his brother but tough as nails. When Will was 
5, Lily was dx'd with diabetes. When we took her to the doctor 20 
pound lighter than what she had been 3 months earlier, Mimi and I 
feared the worst. We had recently attended the funeral of a friend's 
child who had lost his battle with leukemia. While we were shaken by 
the news that Lily had an incurable disease, we were likewise 
thankful that she was not to be taken from us. She like Will would 
face obstacles, but would continue.

My point is that while spending many days in the hospital with Will, 
I saw many children striken with things much worse from which they 
would not recover or ever outgrow, CF, childhood cancers, etc.... I 
thank my lucky stars that even with the problems we have to deal 
with, Will and Lily will grow to be fine health productive adults. 
No, it's not fair that they should have to deal with those problems 
or as their parents that Mimi and I should suffer their trials with 
them as they grow but... Hey! life's not always fair and I definitely 
would not like the other alternatives I have seen. To cap it off, a 
few months ago, one of Lily's friends at school, a vibrant young lady 
with whom she visited frequently, lost her battle with CF. She was 
only 15.

Are we individually and collectively allowed to be a little Blue 
about the hand we've been dealt? You bet! You can't be expected to 
keep it inside. That's what we're all here for. A place where we can 
express our feelings, seek the advise and support of others who share 
our frustrations and success in battling the demons that must be 
faced and conquered every day.

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