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Re: [IP] Look at what I've learned

>I posted my first message in this group on Feb 2. I was discouraged then;
>now I have been encouraged. This has not only happened from messages sent
>to me but to others in this group. Some great advice has been given. Such
>great support! I hope I can contribute my share.
<snip lots of good stuff>


As far as I am concerned, you have just contributed your share and more.  I
have been on this list for a year, with lots of personal ups and downs.
The nasty, unsupportive posts are few and far between, but when I read one,
I get so angry/frustrated/depressed and consider if it is worth it to my
psyche to stay on IP.  There was another such post in my box this morning
and I was considering quitting.  Why does this stuff bother me so much?
Probably because the "just get a life and pretend everything is jolly"
people surrounded me as a kid and gave me lots of reasons to think I was
wrong for having any feelings about diabetes.  That and being a crisis
counsellor has taught me to not disregard people's feelings, even if I
don't specifically share them.  How hard is a bit of compassion?  Too hard
for some people, obviously.

Thank you so much for taking the time to put together some of the wonderful
encouragement that IS out there on IP and reminding me that it exists.

type 1, 19 years
pump, 14 years

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