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[IP] counteracting lows

For the past few days Kayla has been having some unexplained lows.  At
least one a day in the 40's or 50's.  Yesterday she dropped like a rock
to 29.  Needless to say, I'm trying to figure out why, but in the
meantime I'm concerned about her glycogen stores.  I've decreased her
basals and increased her carb ratios a tad to keep her in a higher
target range.  Hopefully we won't see any lows.  How long should I
continue to shoot for a higher target range?  How long does it take the
liver to get back in balance after repeated lows over a 4 - 5 day time
period?  (It was the 29 that really scared me...almost had to use the
glucagon because she fell asleep and wouldn't wake up.  Gel brought her

Kayla's mom
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