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Re: [IP] Pumping 1wk & Illness

>  My nurse doesn't want me to
> bolus yet for high bgs except at meals, yet I don't seem to be
> coming down enough to comfortably eat much after a bolus.

Your nurse obviously doesn't have to live in your shoes.
Being sick with fever, flu-like illness can raise your insulin 
requirement 20% or more. Not a good time to establish basals which 
will need to come down across the board when you get better. If you 
bolus down for your highs, make sure you account for unused insulin. 
Try this for Humalog 40% the first hour, 40% second hour, 10% hour 3, 
10% hour 4 That's pretty close for a lot of people. Unless your over 
200, that should work. Don't test anymore often than every 2 hours 
unless your low or feal low. Don't be afraid to be agressive, just 
keep some glucose around in case you over do it. I used to tippy toe 
around when Lily got high, but we could never bring her down that 
way. Her doc finally told us not to be afraid to be aggressive with 

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