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[IP] when to change basal rates

I was just wondering how do you know when you need to change your basal rate.
My daughter is 13 and started pumping with the minimed 507C about 6 weeks ago.
Her nights have never been really stable, (Except the one night she was in the
hospital getting trained on the pump. Then she was 100 all night, of course)
Some nights she runs in the 80's all night, some nights in the 160's but most
nights , it seems, she is in the  high 100's - low 200's.  By the way, I
should also add that she is very active in sports.  Last weekend I tested her
night basal.  She didn't do a lot of activity that day and I gave her an early
supper and had her fast the rest of the night.  She was 120 at bedtime and
then by 2am 200 and remained there until morning when she went down to 112.
Last night I rechecked her basals again and did the same thing and she was 190
at 11pm and 138 at 2am and 142 at 8am.  So I am kind of confused as to whether
I should change her basals or if this pattern is typical of 13 year old girls.
THANKS in advance for any help you can give me.  I just don't feel really
comfortble about changing things yet.  I am scared I could make things even
worse. But I really want to even these nights out.  
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