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[IP] Pumping 1wk & Illness

I've been pumping for a week now and if I didn't truly believe in the long
term benefits I'd hang it up.  I'm not sure if it's typical to begin therapy
on an outpatient basis, but that's what I did, reluctantly. After two half
days of training (3 weeks apart) I went home and was told to test hourly.  I
did and am exhausted.  After 2 days of this and adjusting and readjusting
profiles I was able to move to testing at 12,3 and 6 a.m.(along with daytime
tests)  I have trouble sleeping and have a 2 year old who still wakes up,
unfortunately during the hours I didn't need to!  I'm very insulin sensitive
and experienced hypoglycemic unawareness before I started.  The testing is
understandable, but I'm so exhausted by it all that I caught some virus from
my kids and my bgs are consistently high now.(moderate ketones 2x, neg.
others)  My nurse doesn't want me to bolus yet for high bgs except at meals,
yet I don't seem to be coming down enough to comfortably eat much after a
bolus. I'm still in the process of trying to establish a basal rate.  Does
this mean this process will drag on forever?  I'll call my Dr. again today,
just thought I'd check and see how you all handle illness.  I'm not nauseous,
just sore throat, chills, etc.  Thanks.
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