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Re: [IP] Pregnancy and the Pump

Dear Pat,
I have been on the pump for 13 months now and have loved it.  A few months after being "hooked" up I became pregnant.  I had our first child on multiple shots.  This pregnancy, as far as the sugars were concerned, was a breeze.

I could throw up all day long and my sugars would remain the same.  :-) Sorry for the image.  It was great.  It was fairly simple to raise the basal rate in the third trimester, when my sugars began to rise.  Once a week actually, I would raise the basal.  I was able to keep my pump on during the c-section and it was simple again to lower the basal after the surgery to compensate for the meds, the stress and the lack of food.  

The only "problems" were that I had trouble finding sites on my growing belly.  I tried my thigh,  youch!!!  Not a good idea for me.  So I found a small spot right between my hips and my large belly that I used at the end.
The whole thing went very well.  And I still want to keep my pump.  Makes life afterwards awhole lot easier also.  I am not chasing sugars all day, because my little one needs to eat and I can't seem to find the time to eat myself.  I eat when I can and don't have to worry about a long acting insulin kicking in!

Please feel free to ask me any questions.  I am an open book :-)
Hope your friends pregnancy goes well.

> Hello Fellow Pumpers:..I have a question to throw out to you's who have
> used the pump during your pregnancy.  I am asking on behalf of a fellow
> pumper who is in her first trimester

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