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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

Michael wrote about forgetting to bolus:

>Sure he will, not on purpose, but he will. Don't worry about it. My 
>daughter went through a period of about 6 months where this occurred 
>fairly often. She is really diligent about her bg's but seemed to get 
>.....shall we say discombobulated and just would forget. It stopped after 
>awhile.  I think it is a teen "phase" at the time, she would forget her 
>shoes if the laces weren't tied. But I guess that' what they invented 
>parents for eh...

OK, I'm 36 and I guess I still need my parents for this purpose <vbg>.  In
the past two weeks, I've forgotten to bolus for breakfast not once, but
FOUR times.  Please, does this mean I'm going through a "teen phase" again?
 I thought I'd moved beyond those!

Actually, I think the reason is a slight change in my daily routine.  I
have classes every day this semester and I really look forward to going.
But mornings can be quite a rush with my son leaving for school, my husband
for work, and me for campus.  I guess I just get distracted and forget.  I
hope it stops soon.  My son even put a sticky note on my food scale to
remind me  -- still didn't work!  

One interesting observation, though.  The bolus I use to bring down the
resulting high bs is never as large as the bolus I would have administered
for my food.  I eat the same thing for breakfast every day and I KNOW that
this is the right amount.  Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon, or am I
REALLY an oddball?  (don't answer that!) :-)

Mary Jean

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