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RE: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #793

That is very interesting to hear Richard.

You are right that sounds like blackmail to me as well.  To the best of my
knowledge the Glucose Sensor trial have been closed for some time, i.e.
selection of candidates.  If I were you I would check with MiniMed directly
on this story and if it is incorrect, get back to the list and your rep.

I use both the MiniMed and the Disetronic pumps and find one of the most
obvious differences is that the MiniMed looks more like a pager and as such
is best for when I must attend formals.

The Disetronic is great because it is waterproof, I don't even take it off
when I swim or shower and completely shockproof.  My Disetronic rep has
dropped it out a second story window with a full glass cartridge of insulin
with no breakage or damage. ( NOT RECCOMMENDED FOR YOU TO DO )

I have found that the Disetronic is probably more suited for  pediatric &
adolescent use as it does not have to be taken off and put back on for all
sorts of activity.

Further from a convenience standpoint, I believe that the Silhouette or
Tender Sets are probably the best choice.

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> I recently talked to a Minimed rep re getting a pump for my son.  We were
> discussing pro/cons of each pump and he brought up the fact that MM is
> going to be going to trials with their new insertable sensor and you
> could only use their sensor if you used a MM pump.  Sounded like
> blackmail to me, or am I being too sensitive here?  Kate
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