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RE: [IP] Consistent 6.0-6.7 A1c's and complications

Doug & Mason:

I can remember when I was much younger, first couple of years after being
diagnosed with diabetes, I would get severe leg cramps in the middle of the

My blood sugar control was way out of whack then.  But from what I was told
by my pediatrician the cramps were related to my electrolyte imbalances.

Such electrolyte imbalances can be directly related to uncontrolled diabetes
but there could be other causes.  A simple blood tests (electrolytes) could
rule this out.

Hope this helps.


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> Mason,
> You've sparked my interest! I am also having leg cramps but my family Dr
> said it would go away if I had better control. I think he doesn't
> know what
> he is talking about because my Aic has never been as good as
> yours! I've gat
> an appointment Apr 12 to see an Endo about a pump. Can't wait!!
> Doug
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> Subject: [IP] Consistent 6.0-6.7 A1c's and complications
> I have always tried to maintain 80-120 blood sugars.  My endo
> always said if
> I kept it in that range, I was like anyone else.
> So....I am reading all of this stuff about leg cramps and amputation.....I
> consistently run between 6.0 and 6.7 A1c's, even though at times I can be
> all over the board on blood sugar(I am getting a pump because I have had
> some 300's over the last year, and it worries me, although my A1c's always
> come back good.), but I have been having leg cramps lately, and now I am
> really paranoid.  I am seeing the doctor Monday anyway, but is
> this type of
> thing possible without high A1c's?
> Mason
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