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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

> Hi, and thanks to everyone who has replied to my post.  Rick is finally back
> down and his control is back to usual.  I hope thats the last time he
> forgets to bolus.  I talked to him about it and what I have read in the
> posts and I don't think he will do it again in the near future.  He has

Sure he will, not on purpose, but he will. Don't worry about it. My 
daughter went through a period of about 6 months where this occurred 
fairly often. She is really diligent about her bg's but seemed to get 
.....shall we say discombobulated and just would forget. It stopped after 
awhile.  I think it is a teen "phase" at the time, she would forget her 
shoes if the laces weren't tied. But I guess that' what they invented 
parents for eh...

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