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Re: [IP] bruising

Doreen wrote:

> thanks for the info.  Do you ever insert your rapid anywhere besides your
>abdomen? Joey is not thin so I was wondering if we could insert somewhere
>other than his abdomen because he over used that doing MDIs. Please let me
>know soon .

I've been using the Rapids in the top of my butt for about the past six
weeks, trying to give my abdomen a rest. It's a little tricky here at times
- I need to "contort" a bit to insert it, it's not as easy to view the site
to check it, but it works pretty well. I do have to be certain I'm not too
close to the muscle, but there are a couple spots which work pretty well. I
do need to be a little more cautious getting in and out of my truck, since
there is extra motion there which can interfere with the set.

I've been surprised at how comfortable this is. There have been only one or
two times I've poked myself, which is really no more than average. I'm
quite thin, so these "extra sites" are welcome. BTW, I'm wearing my set in
this spot in my picture on the Profiles page - you can't even tell, can you

Check this link on MiniMed's site for some suggested locations for sets -
I'm surprised there are that many available (theoretically).  The URL is:

Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

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