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[IP] amputation

Linda Winey wrote:

<< 12 years ago, when my legs started cramping after walking or going up
and down
stairs, etc., I attributed it to "overdoing" 'cause I was trying to lose
weight and become more "fit" by not using elevators, escalators, walking to
work instead of riding in the car, etc.  This went on for a couple of months.
When my right foot became numb and cool and I was in agony trying to drive my
car, I finally went to see my doctor.  

Unfortunately, I didn't come home for 3 months after that office visit. >>


First, thank you for sharing your story.  It may be a real wake-up call for
many of us.  My question is, was the cramping the first symptom you had?
Or, if you look back at the events leading up to this, is there anything
else you can think of that would indicate there was a problem?  This is
just so I know if I should be watching for something else.

Again, thank you for contributing this to our group.  My heart goes out to

Mary Jean
IDDM for 9 years, pumping for 2 years

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