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[IP] BG goals

Boyer wrote:
> I have a few questions I would like to lay out on the table if anybody
> would like to respond....
> First, I like to run my blood sugars from 60 - 160, does anybody else
> besides my husband think this is a rediculous goal?

Remember the old universal speed limit? You drive no faster than safe!

I feel the same way about BGs. You should keep your BGs as low as you
can as long as it's SAFE!  Which means that you have to take variable
factors into account like how hypo-aware you are, and how sensitive to
miscalculations in insulin and how you respond to exercise, etc.

That means that the goals HAVE to be different, depending on the person.
Personally, I don't buy the idea that any A1c below 8.0 is fine for
and I don't think we all have to strive for the same daily goals,

If you can achieve 60 - 160 without serious hypos, or even frequent mild
ones, then go for it. Some people can do this, and some people can't.
Just cause you CAN doesn't mean anyone else should feel bad if they
can't, AND you shouldn't be made to feel bad or obsessive because you
CAN go for a goal like that. No one should make light of ANYONE else's

> I have a question about foot problems. When they amputate do they do it
> because of a soar that doesn't heal, or just because you don't have feeling
> in it?

Usually, they amputate because of gangrene, because if they don't you
can die of it (my grandmother did!). They don't amputate just because
there is no feeling -- but if you are in that situation, it usually
means you are at high risk of ulcers, which can then turn gangrenous. In
addition, neuropathic feet with no feeling often have poor circulation
as well, and that puts you at further risk.  

Good luck!

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