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Re: [IP] 5 star marketing and skiing

Sorry for the junkmail scare. Crazy Internet.

I'm feeling a lot better emotionally with exercise. However it makes BG more
dynamic so I'm not sure how healthful it is. I'm glad to hear the experience
of BG evening out after a few months. The book "Pumping Insulin" said that
will happen and has encouraged me to get back to exercising. I return to the
ski slopes tomorrow. I plan to 6AM breakfast bolus drop to half basal a half
hour before beginning at 8AM, starting slow. Lunch bolus at half rate. I
don't know what to do afterwards except test more often. That's going to be
tough because the rest of the weekend will be with acquaintances who don't
know I'm diabetic. I'll pack a bunch of sandwiches to last me through the
weekend. If I lower basal rate I may not need extra meals. Yes, now that
would be a normal life.
Adjusting to the pump,

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