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[IP] 1st day pumping

Well, here I go into the wonderful world of pumping. Last night 2/3 my CDE
told me to cut my evening N in half and eliminate my am N all together.
thought for sure BGs would go through the roof, but NO they stayed below
116. Been on the pump 10 hours and BGs have been great. tommorrow should be
the real test as this will start my first whole day with the pump. I use
the Disetronic+. I have been reading this IP mail list for about one week
now and have to say, you people are GREAT!! I have always had a great
support group within my family (in-laws included) and my endo's office, but
it is nice to have people to chat with who are USERs themselves. My
mom-in-law has type 2 so the two of us chat it up all the time. She is a
terrific source of info. She reads and NETS all the time so between the two
of us we keep up2date with new things. 

Question: Is IP interested in setting up a live chat? I would like this a
little better than reading e-mail then responding. But then I do have a
propensity to talk alot with either my mouth or my fingers.

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