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Re: [IP] Re: How To Avoid Bad Sites

> Also, I am using soft sets and have read about the many other kinds of
> infusion sets.  However, I am very unclear about how they differ and why to
> choose  one type over the other?  Is there anything I can read that would
> answer that or do I need to call Minimed?
First thing to do is visit the MM and/or Dis web sites. There are 
pictures of the various sets shown in the "products" catagories.

If you check the www.insulin-pumpers.org/about.shtml page you will see 
that users are evenly divided between the SofSet and the 
Tender/Comfort/Silohuette set. Ask for some samples of the Sil from MM 
and try it out.

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/