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Re: [IP] Differences in BG readings

Lisa Olson wrote:
> I have a question about the different measurements of BG's.  I saw a post from someone in Canada who talked about 28 being high.  Is it a difference of metric versus US measurements, like Farenheit and Celcius?  

Not really. In the USA we use mg/dl, which is milligrams per deciliter, quite
profundly a metric measurement.
In the UK and certian other countries they use mmole/L, which is millimoles per
liter, also metric, just a
different scale. To convert multiply mmol/L by 18, or divide mg/dl by 18 for the
opposite direction. Any number below about 40 except in discussion of how low
someone has been tends to be mmol/L. Higher numbers are
likely mg.dl. People should REALLY say which scale they use, but it's forgotten

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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