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Re: [IP] type 1 question

email @ redacted wrote:
> As far as passing on this disease does it make a difference if the mother is
> type 1 or the father is type 1? 

I don't remember anybody saying it made any difference: each parent gives 
the child half the genetic coding, so it likely doesn't matter.

 I have two children and both of them are not
> diabetic (I'm the one with the diabetes).  My father in law was type 2, my
> husband was dx type 2 approx. 2 years ago.  I was just wondering if D is
> passed on more often if the male is type 1 vs female?  If my children decide
> to have children what do you think there chances of having a diabetic child
> are?
> Is type 2 hereditary and type 1 caused by a virus?  Does that mean type 1 is
> not hereditary?

Lately the idea has been getting around that Type 2 is almost entirely 
hereditary, though environment and stress may add some cases. Type 1 is now
thought to be an inherited weakness that allows some people to fall prey
to certain viruses that are too much like our insulin producing Beta cells,
leads to antibodies killing both.

Statisticsa have shown that only about 6% of Type 1 diabetics have a Type 1 
relative, so it seems there are other factors in play.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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