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Pump pricing was [IP] Which Pump.....

Disetronic actually recommends that you switch pumps every month or two. That
way you use both pumps and feel very comfortable switching to the other pump
just in case something does happen to one of them. Both Minimed and Disetronic
are equally reliable, but Disetronic likes to send two ,so that you the
pumper, has peace of mind knowing you have a back-up. My question is this...
Why can you get two pumps (Disetronic) for the price of one pump (Minimed)
when both are practically equal in quality and performance???? I think someone
is making lots of extra money  at the cost of others that are less forunate!!!
Imagine what would happen with all of the insurance problems if one Minimed
cost half the price it does now!!! I think Disetronic should start selling
single pumps at a much lower cost. Makes good business sense to me!
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