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Re: [IP] Re: How To Avoid Bad Sites

email @ redacted wrote:
> Lots of people have written about "bad sites" and I have not had the
> "pleasure" of this problem yet.  How can I avoid this problem for the future?

Good question, wish I had a good answer. Myself, I don't get many bad sites, at
least at first, but they DO happen occasionally.
> Also, I am using soft sets and have read about the many other kinds of
> infusion sets. 

Actually, if you'rereferring only to Teflon infusion sets, there's only
1 other kind: Tenders, Comforts, or Silhouettes, that is. They're all
the same thing made by a company in Denmark, Maersk as I remember it. They
just label them appropriately for who sells them.

As far as non-Teflon sets are concerned there are several choices from MiniMed,
Disetronics or Maersk, but I'm not at all interested in them since I like
Comforts so well.

 However, I am very unclear about how they differ and why to
> choose  one type over the other?  Is there anything I can read that would
> answer that or do I need to call Minimed?

You can see a little bit about Silhouettes on MiniMed's web page at:

Basic difference is that the canula goes in slantwise to the side, rather than
straight in. It's a lot better for those of us that need options for what
depth we need it: thin people don't always have over a 1/2" layer of fat
to include the whole depth of a QR, so tilting it a bit different helps
a lot. Besides which the quick disconnect is located flat against the
skin, and is only about 1/4" high, so it doesn't get snagged as much, or
have the odd 2" between base and QR fitting to deal with. Alos note it
takes NO external tape and stays on very well. That's why I likke them.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/