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Re: Subject: Adjusting for exercise, was: Re: [IP] Skiing

Ditman,  I also run 3 or 4X /week.  I am wondering if you have just started
exercising or have been doing it for a long time.  In my case, when I first
started running, I had the same problem you mention--big drops.  I run 5 miles
and I would check my bg after 3 to make sure it wasn't low.  However, as
running has become easier and fairly routine (2 years), I do not have lows at
all.  I usually eat cereal and bolus about half as much as usual and do fine.
When I start something new, like I start kickboxing today, I'll probably tend
to go low.  Everytime I start a new sport, I will drop fast.  When I adapt to
the sport after a few months, my bgs tend to do much better.  I will eat
something before kickboxing tonight to make sure.  I started cycling a few
weeks ago.  I am not a cyclist, but want to build up that thigh muscle.  I
went low rapidly.  With running and swimming, I never go low anymore, but I
may go high.  Exercise is so much fun.  It's always a challenge.  If you have
been running for a long time, then I think you should just decrease your basal
rate before or disconnect and if it still goes high afterwards, increase your
basals.  My bg usually goes up afterwards but it's not that high so I don't
worry about it.  I used to go low the next morning so I would decrease the
basal rate during the night.  I don't have that problem anymore for some
reason.  I don't know if this was helpful or just confusing, but keep at it.
You will figure something out eventually.  Good luck.  ellen
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