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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V2 #788/Miss A.

Racergo,  I have no idea how you can get Miss America to come to your group,
but several of our group members went to see her in Valley, Al.  This is a
very small town and the experience was great.  There were not that many people
there and we could talk and get our picture taken with her.  I think it would
take Big Bucks or an inside connection.  Her schedule is tight.  BTW, she was
great and especially good with children.  We took 3 little girls (9yrs, 7
yrs., 7 yrs.) whose eyes looked like saucers.  One girl, who had written to
Nicole as her hero, had her story and her picture with Miss A. in the
Montgomery, Al. paper.  Nicole is really a good representative for diabetes.
She really connects with children and gives them hope.  She tells them they
can do anything they desire.  She recounts her own story of how many people
told her she could not win Miss A. with diabetes or wearing a medical device.
I thought Nicole's message was priceless.  Parents tell their children all the
time that they can accomplish anything, but it doesn't have the same impact as
the words coming from someone famous who shares their same problem.  The
little girl I mentioned told her mother that the day was the greatest day of
her life.  I enjoyed that day too.  If she can't come to your group, you
should make an effort to see her when she comes someplace near.  ellen    
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