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Subject: Re: [IP] Pumper ID

hey...i have an idea...how about a tattoo on my forehead that says DEFECTIVE..

that is a joke, kids, from last summer when we were discussing the pros and
cons of the Medic Alert tags and if they are used/noticed by the EMTs and
other persons of life saving capacity...

FYI.  Medic Alert ought to send you an annual report that you can update FREE
with any new info, such as your pump.  You can also CALL their 800 number and
do it and they will send you a revised report.  You can laminate the little
card they send you.

or heck, this is the age of desktop publishing...if you can type an email, you
can probalby type your own darn card with ALL the infor you could want..names
of next of kin, their phone number, pager and cell phone as well as maybe a
few choice email addresses of people who might be able to  help BETTER in an
emergency than some poor EMT who has seen a pump once.

who is still contemplating the tattoo, but can't decide where would be visible
enough...that wouldnt interfere with my social life...what little there is,
that is
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