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[IP] Re:t-shirts

Virginia R Akin wrote:

> I'll buy one, Michael.  Shoot, I might even put a (gasp!) bumper sticker
> on the pristine bumper of my '94 Saturn!

and then you'd have a pumper bumper...I also have a pristine Saturn (95)
bumper for my pumper bumper sticker....but I'd rather have a t-shirt...

how about someone's slogan..."my other pancreas is a pump"  or...."I'm pumped"
or how about, "Diabetes...it's not just for pricks"  or "I'm not a Bit*h, my
blood sugar is high...so what is your excuse"

Sara, who can be a bit*h whether her sugar is high or low!
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/