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[IP] hospital visit

a long time ago Brian Carter wrote:

> ...i had to make a trip to the ER because of ... high BG.  [SNIP]
> we had a little verbal confrontation..it took me 20 minutes then just 
> gave up and gave him the # to my DRs and he called and let me leave 
> it on.. had this ever happened to anyone or what were yall told about 
> hospital stays?

i was in ER and admitted twice this time last year..due to the mysterious mass
on my intestines that turned out to be appendix.  Neither time would I allow
anyone to disconnect me, or put me on IV dextrose without me AND my endo
knowing about it.  When they finally decided to slice and dice me in Chicago,
I was in contact with my NYC endo, and he was ok with me keeping the pump, as
i did while i was in the hospital in NY 2 weeks prior.  The Chicago staff
diabetes doc came in and talked to me and said it was cool for me to wear it
(good thing, cuz I was in no mood to be trifled with), and they would be
interested in following my sugars before during and after the surgery...

Then the head nurse comes in the night before, and says "they" could feel more
comfortable if I would allow the nursing staff to check my sugars and take
care of highs and lows.  I said I was glad that that would make them more
comfortable but tough tiddies, it made me more comfortable if I kept it...and
since I had been running between 110 and 180, I thought i was doing ok...she
looked at me with this bossy, know it all look on her face and I just rolled
over (I think i had undies on under my hospital gown).  i had already taught
the two nurses who were assigned to me how to do anything, and I talked to the
anesthesia guy and told him how much to give if i was X.  He was very
receptive.  If the nurse had expressed any fear or nervousness rather than the
attitude she had, I might have shown her how to work it...

They can pry my pump from my cold dead, or unconscious fingers, but if I wake
up and it aint there, there is gonna be hell to pay.

Sara...who is going to chicago this weekend,and is very very nervous!!!!!
theymight have bill collectors waiting at the airport to whisk me away!!!
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