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[IP] I'm not alone!

For the past several weeks I've been reading the list and trying to get a
pump and keep having the same thought come back to me!  I'm not the only
one dealing with insurance dorks.  I'm not the only one who is a "slow
poker".  I'm not the only one who does not use the lancet device and just
pokes.  I'm not the only one who think the Sorf Serter looks intimindating
and would just rather not use it.  My CDE looked at me like I was crazy and
weird when I told her the last two (I choose not to mention I'm a slow
poker), saying that she never heard of someone not wanting to use the Soft
Serter or a lancet device.  I love being "not the only one"!  And hopefully
I'll be loving my pump in a near future.

Thank you

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living.  -Alvin Ailey
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