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[IP] re: forgot to bolus - Timex DataLink Watch

There is a wonderful watch on the market called the Timex Data Link watch.  It
lets you set many alarms and load plenty of information into it as well
(important phone numbers, appointment times...).  You can view the different
styles at the Timex website http://www.timex.com and can purchase directly
from there as well as local catalog showroom stores etc..

Before my son went on the pump, I programmed the watch to read TestBG or
Blood? when the alarm would ring at 9:00 a.m. or SNACK at 10:00 a.m. to remind
him.   I never counted on any teachers to remind him.  The point is you can
customize the alarms with specific  messages.  You input all of the data into
your computer, hold the watch in front of your monitor and download it into
the watch via infrared.  It's so simple.  

So if you know what time your child eats lunch in school .....you can program
it to beep and have it read BOLUS? on the screen.  Then at least the child is
reminded to check their pump and see if they remembered to bolus.   (You could
probably even load the profile of how much correction bolus to take for high
bgs....or how much to subtract if pre-meal time bg is low....Ours is an older
model , 3.5 years old at least.  The new ones probably hold a lot more

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