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Re: [IP] laser tester

    I concur. Melissa can check herself 6-8 times a day & it doesn't bother
her in the least. I saw the "lasette" picture on-line & had to laugh at this
bulky-looking machine...not quite what a teen-ager could shove into her tight
jeans pcoket!!!...Part of the reason she's willing to check this often is
because her Precision meter IS so portable & small.  In fact, the other night
she carried a small purse to the movies & the case wouldn't fit, so she
removed the itsy bitsy meter, the foil wrapped strips and her lancing device,
all of which fit into the purse fine.  Of course, she then didn't bother to
check before going out to eat with her friends.....but THAT'S a discussion for
another day!!! LOL

Regards, Renee
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