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Re: [IP] laser tester

>  Do kids physiologically suffer
> > pain worse than healthy adults? Or do they just scream because it's
> > someone else doing it?


When Kayla was first diagnosed she would scream her head off at every
finger poke and injection.  Now she doesn't even blink an eye at the
finger pokes.  She's learning how to do it herself now and sometimes she
will poke herself three or more times in a row to get a good drop of
blood.  Makes me cringe!  To me, finger pokes hurt, but the shots don't
(I had to do both with gestational diabetes).  Kayla is just the
opposite.  Poke her finger all you want but don't give her a shot. 
What's the point of all this?  Well, at least in Kayla's case, a lot of
the associated pain is psychological.  She has decided in her mind that
the finger pokes don't hurt and the shots still do.  Mind over matter, I


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