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Re: [IP] Adjusting for exercise

Neal wrote:
> I am on H and do not exercise within 3 hours of a meal bolus.  Exercise
> increases the body's cells' receptiveness to insulin and for me the effect
> is dramatic.  Exercising with a bolus of insulin still working will cause me
> to drop rapidly.

> Above all, YMMV.  The only way to figure out what works is to control
> variables and test and chart and test some more.  It can get frustrating
> because until you figure it out, exercise can make your control worse
> because you're constantly going low, then high, then low etc ....

I'll endorse that, Neal -

Last Sunday I had a vigorous day hill-walking just above the snow line.
I'd cut my basal from 0.9 to 0.3, but still my bg kept dropping all day
and I had to keep boosting it with glucose.

Then after I got home, the bg promptly shot up to 490 (27)! That's a
record for me. 8 units by syringe brought it comfortably down with an
hour. Then of course I woke with a mild hypo the next 2 mornings, so I
cut my overnight basals slightly, and woke high instead since my
metabolism had returned to normal by that stage... Tight control is a
real bummer.

Is unstable bg's and exercise a worse problem with Humalog perhaps? Or
does it just seem worse because we're watching the bg's closer?

And anyone know whether that book about insulin pumping and exercise as
been published yet? I forget its name. I couldn't find it in Amazon

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