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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

    This is one of the more popular "recurring themes" at Insulin
Pumpers......not only for children, but also for adults!! What I found worked
best for Melissa (now 16) was simply the self-motivation that derived from how
LOUSY she felt when she went high from NOT bolusing.  It happened too often
early on....now almost NEVER happens. To prove my point, she just downloaded
her Precision meter with the computer software & out of 125 readings over the
course of the preceding 3 weeks, only FOUR were over 300 (all low 300s) & many
of the "HIGH" readings were actually between 160-230, which pre-pump, we
wouldn't have even considered high!!!  I truly believe that thanks to
dramatically improved control, she feels so much better physiologically &
psychologically, that she's much more motivated NOT to jeopardize that
feeling..........most of the time!! After all, she IS still 16!!
Regards, Renee
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