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Re: [IP] bruising

Doreen wrote:

>My son Joey has now been using rapids for the last week or so. As we changed
>his site tonight he claimed it hurt, so I got a bright light to get a closer
>look. Around the insertion site it appears to be bruised {slightly brownish
>purple}. Does anyone out there still use rapids? and has anyone had this
>bruising problem?

I still use Rapids, typically the 6 mm ones, sometimes the 8 mm flavor. I
don't have any more problems with Rapids than I do with Tenders, or
Classics (bent needles).

This discoloration sounds like there may have been bleeding at the site -
easy enough for this to happen, especially for a young child. I've had
similar situations before - there was no blood in the tubing, but the
bruise was evident for a couple days after removing the set. When this
happens, you might notice some erratic BGs, perhaps not, depending on how
much the site was disturbed. Try to avoid inserting near this site again
till the color disappears.

Bob Burnett

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