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[IP] better can be worse was Tingling & Numbness

hi - here i am...been trying to keep up with digest...and this sparked my

email @ redacted writes:
<< I also have been told that  improved control on the pump can 
>> make retinopathy worse. >>

then Linda wrote:
> Oh, God, I hope you are incorrect about this.  Can anyone else add 
> some input to this statement?

to which GResha0225 responded
> I do not understand this at all.  Is this true?.....I am going to start
> hearing bad things abot the pump.  I have not been back to the eye doctor
> since I was diagnosed because my eyes are just now leveling out.  The 
> nurse keeps assuring me that I do not have retinopathy, but I guess that 
> is my worse fear...Anyway, I thought the pump was suppose to help 
> prevent further complications.

well this is coming from the voice of major experience, PERSONAL, not a
medical professional so YMMV, but it is a FACT that improved blood sugar
control CAN lead to worsening of some diabetic complications including, and
specifically retinopathy.  You MUST work with both your retina specialist (NOT
HIS NURSE, and NOT an opthamologist) and your endo or diabetes doctor.
HOPEFULLY they will tell you not to aim for 80 to 120, since it is the crashes
that seem to cause the bleeds.  Aim for 100-150.   "They" say that at first,
with drastically improved contorl,  the problems get worse and then eventually
they get better, though this may take YeARS...unless you are just genetically
predisposed to the complication.  People like Cindy Bon can have diabetes for
years and years and have NO complications...then people like Melissa can have
it for a couple of years and BAM big kidney problems.  Sometimes, all the
laser in the world and all the virectomies and all the A1cs under 7 are not
going to keep you from bleeding.

I have had no new growth for years, thanks to my dozens of lasers and one
vitrectomy, but as my witch ex-doctor says, some people just "bleed and bleed
and bleed" and some get lasered, and never have another problem...

I have had bleeds both pre pump with crappy A1cs, and post pump with sub 8
A1cs for 6 years...I KNOW that most of the post pump bleeds have occured at
either times of GREAT stress, OR some time after a huge crash...When I went on
the pump, no one told me that it might get worse before it got better and I
was one of you fanatics that aimed for 80-120...after a couple of serious
bleeds, my retina specialist said perhaps my target zone was too low...so i
raised it...I havent had any lessening of bleeds, so maybe this is a load of
hooey, but i still AIM not to let my sugar go below 90,,,once there, it tends
to drop like a rock.

As for what GResha said about the pump preventing further
complications...sorry charlie, but the pump alone can not do this.  I have a
pump and I use it and my meter pretty accurately, though I do have my 4 times
a day test days too...and complications may be slowed or improved, but the
only thing that is going to stop the complications is A CURE FOR DIABETES!!!
This "band aid" of a  treatment just makes us all capable of living more free,
less structured lives...which is good - don't get me wrong, but it is a
machine and it takes a human to operate it.  And if you havent seen your eye
doctor how do you know your eyes are "leveling out?"  GET THEE BACK TO THE EYE
DOCTOR (that is not shouting..that is concerned convincing).

who is off to chicago this weekend...and my tonsils are still in great shape,
and my workouts are down to under $10 each....
*-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~~[507]   (long tubing...pump went for a swing last night as I
was getting down the ladder.....)
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