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Subject: Adjusting for exercise, was: Re: [IP] Skiing

Adding to Bob's post --

I am on H and do not exercise within 3 hours of a meal bolus.  Exercise
increases the body's cells' receptiveness to insulin and for me the effect
is dramatic.  Exercising with a bolus of insulin still working will cause me
to drop rapidly.

Continuing this theme, I disconnect 1/2 hour before exercise, during
exercise, and 2 1/2 hours afterwards .  I know this disconnects me from any
insulin for over 3 hours but I've learned from experience that with
exercise, a little insulin goes a long way.

If I am under 150 before exercise, I drink a pint of milk.

Above all, YMMV.  The only way to figure out what works is to control
variables and test and chart and test some more.  It can get frustrating
because until you figure it out, exercise can make your control worse
because you're constantly going low, then high, then low etc ....


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