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Re: [IP] Forgot to Bolus

> A couple of weeks ago, my 16 yrs old son forgot to bolus for his breakfast,

> etc.  Today is better than yesterday though.  Anyway, has anyone ever had a
> similar occurance. He has changed his complete infusion set (new insulin,
> etc.).  When I looked back at his records it seems that the results of

This is common. When you are high you develop insulin resistance 
as well as ketones. He can calculate a high blood sugar bolus, 
give it and probably add 1/2 to 1 unit additional to bring him 
down. It is important to get back down to normal quickly. This 
may entail increasing basal rates by 0.1 accross the board for a 
short period of time ( a day or two) to get back to normal. 
But... look out for going low once he is stabalized.

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