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Re: [IP] any ideas?????

Something you might want to do is write down the common names of food
items that you purchase, and then price compair when you go shopping. You
might have to go to different stores to get all that you need, but you can
end up saving a lot of money.

Cut down on the premade stuff, and buy the stuffto make it.. Like pasta,
cream o mushroom soup, to make your own strognaff, vs buyin 1 packet of
noodles and seasoning.

Carb stuff is cheaper,  though make sure that you keep with in your diet. 

Oatmeal is cheaper than a box of cereal. Usually.  Powder milk is also
cheaper sometimes than regular millk So use that to cook with.  And save a
few.  Some say if you like make the milk stronger it improves the taste if
you don't like the taste.  

HOpe this helps.  These were some of the things that we have to do.  Money
is tight here too

Christene Ullom

email @ redacted  (evenings)

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